Hello and Welcome!

Hello and Welcome!

Get to know me!


Get to know me!

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About Me

My Background


About Carla


I thought I would tell you a little about myself and the work I do. I work with  spirit. Yes I know how crazy this must sound, but I will give you an answer that  makes sense. Just one little word.......... ready?

Love-Love is a wonderful thing that needs to be shared. I share what is given to me by my spirit guides, angels, and spirit friends.

The information they give me is to help you on this path here on earth. I know  in my own journey it has been very hard to put things in their proper place. But  as I have opened the door to my helpers, they have opened the door for me to try  to help others.

There is no greater joy then this. It has been my calling.  

I offer

Spiritual readings,


Tuning fork session,

(Vibration touch and sound)

Sound therapy 

 Singing bowls


Crystal therapy



Past life regressions

I also give classes and workshops to help bring peace and harmony to ones life.

 I was born in Ohio. I have a background of gifted women in my family tree. I have always been in touch with nature and  my love for it. I am a lady of laughter and I love to make others smile. I enjoy  the outdoors, gardening, photography, my animals, my family and friends.

Thank you and God bless


Why i created the website.


Become One with Spirit. 

My goal with "Become One with Spirit" is to help  everyone  on their journey. I do not feel there is only one way. There are many ways that Spirit will resonate with in a  person, My explanation may hit people but another persons explanation may  resonate with another individual. I feel we all are teachers but yet we are  never masters. We are all students and never learn enough on our  journeys.

We  have many tools that can help us and many ways we all can share this with  another, if is a healing modality or a blurb that someone share with an  experience. Why share not it ? 

May  the Angels bless 

Thank  you and love light blessings


Become one with spirit... 

Learning Library


.Learning library

If  their is no credit on the page then it is my material. This information I have channeled over the  years. (note it is channeled and do not edit it them so there maybe typos, I am  in the process of editing and updating as we speak)  As I stated though you may see other links on a page or blurbs that have  an examples extra pages added on with other peoples methods or ways to help  them. My goal and intent is a online education center. All pages of information  is  ©copyright. if you would like to share information please contact me. 

In  general there are many pages to explore and have tried my best to help you. If  you have questions send'em! We can post it on the board for those to help you. We  have much more in plan for future of this site. It is you the public that can  help us learn the best way s to help you on your journey so please feel free to  email us. Just make sure you comment in the bar of "become one" then  what in reference to please.

May  the Angels bless 

Thank  you and love light blessings


Become one with spirit.. 

PLEASE BE PATIENT I have over 300 pages to upload.

I shut down my website after my divorce. but I AM BACK! 

so check back regularly and you will see new info. 

have a request let me know and I will upload it for y.o.u

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Become One with Spirit

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