Angels & Healing.

The beauty of such a wonderful energy is such a joy.

We all have these wonderful energies around us. As with everything in life it is just a point to open our eyes and hearts. Angels are such a beauty to have in our lives they bring us peace and harmony.

What are angels?

angel (n)-seraph, archangel, guardian angel, cherub, messenger, spirit

Angels are celestial being that is to be the messenger between God and humans. They are the divine messenger in Christianity, Judaism, and ancient Greek religions. These angels are sent to us to inform human kind. Angels are known as the warrior of good,  

I personally work with my angels on regular bases. I always know that they are going to guide me in a direction to help spread the word of this wonderful energy. 

My definition of 

Angels- An energy of unconditional love, that has shown so many there is no judgment, their healing us from the inside out. Trust with angels is something that is always there inside of us, we never doubt the direction they take us. The energy healing they will do on those in need may be in many directions. An energy of higher consciousness. The messenger’s of Spirit.

Angels what do they do for us?

Angels will always provide us with protection on many levels. As children we were told how our angel would heal us if we got hurt. What we have done in an early childhood is given us the mental thought from the very beginning, that in our physical life that they are there for us. Remember the old saying “Ask and it is given” This is so true if we just open our hearts up to the unconditional love of our angels. I have found that for people the Angel has given them faith, direction and trust. They bring out the inner child in us all to have the unconditional love to help ourselves and others.

Why angel healing? 

Angel Therapy is a non-denominational spiritual healing method that involves working with a person's guardian angels, archangels and Divine guides, to heal and harmonize every aspect of life. Angel Therapy also helps you to more clearly receive Divine Guidance from the Creator and angels.

We are all Divine Beings and everyone has guardian angels to assist and support us in waking up to who we really are! These angels perform God's will of peace for us all. When we open ourselves to hear our angels' messages, every aspect of our lives become more peaceful as we connect back into our innate Divinity! 

I have found that angel healing is so purifying that is an instant of trust and love. Asking your angels to come in, is giving the white light of healing to work on our physical life and spiritual life in many ways. They will align your chakras and center our life on higher realms. They show you that to “Become One with Spirit” with love and trust. 

In this section we are going to break down the things they can help us to perform in our lives on a daily base. These sections will show you the faith of such energy can help you. I find it a little difficult to put into words, all that an Angel Healing treatment does. It does cleanse the aura, release blockages, and give clarity to the future and unhealed issues of the past. It provides a feeling of complete peace that you could so easily drift to sleep in, knowing you are totally wrapped in the wings of Angels. It releases pain, soothes the mind and the body. Still this does not quite explain what it is, more what it does. In order to better describe Angel Healing to you, I asked the Angels to channel a message through me

Angel Energy Healing is a combination of healing with the Angels, manifesting, communing with one's own Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides, communing withfriends or family who have passed on, invoking the Angels to assist in the cutting of ties to people, places or things, and receiving messages from the Angels that help the healing process. It also includes asking specific questions of the Angels and receiving answers.
We all have the ability to work with and talk to the Angels

Meet your angels.

Here is a guided meditation that I have used with many people to help them on the journey of angel work. This meditation will help you to meet several angels that may help you to assist with healing work in different modalities. If you follow these guide lines then you will be building trust and faith with your angels. It is like a string at first but with each time you meditate and ask for them, then it strengthens your relationship with them. You can record this on a cd or have someone else read it to you with some nice music on.

Every person is assigned a GUARDIAN ANGEL at birth, 

 Every person works with a particular ARCHANGEL (Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel...) throughout their lifetime. 

 Most of us live nearly all of our lives without ever feeling a sense of CONNECTION with these beings sent by God to protect, guide and guard us.  But EVERYONE has the ability to connect with the Angels assigned to them! 

Angel Meditation

  • Make  yourself comfortable. Sit yourself with your feet flat on the floor. This      way you’re being centered to where the energy will be able to flow down      through your centers. 
  • Take a      deep breath in filling your stomach area to where your chest is rising      with a deep breath. 
  • Repeat      this 6 times. To assure that you’re relaxed.
  • Imagine      with each breath you’re taking in that there is a pillar of white light      coming down over you.
  • With      the inhale of the breath you’re breathing in the white healing light of      your angels.
  • With each exhale you’re releasing all      negativity that you may have occurred.
  • Imagine      this white light is coming down over you. It feels like a fairy dust is      coming down over you
  • Starting      at your crown and as it is running down you, you feel the warmth and love      of your angels.
  • Then    to your third eye. Feel the warmth on your forehead.
  • Now  your throat chakra
  • Then  your chest,… arms….. Stomach……legs… and to the soles of your feet.
  • Your      totally relaxed and at peace.
  • You      feel the soles of your feet warm and tingling, as angels are making sure      that you are grounded and focused.
  • Now in this pillar of light, you see the      flecks of the golden dusting all over your body.
  • As you      admire your hands and arms covered in this you feel the love and warmth.
  • Ask      that your angels come to you.
  • You      start to see an image forming in front of you in this pillar of light. 
  • In      this beauty of white golden light. You have no fear for you know that it      is your angel coming in.
  • You      start to see the outline of wings and a beautiful energy.
  • It becomes clearer and clearer.
  • You      are seeing them become very clear now.
  • Admire      the beauty.
  • Remember      every detail of this angel.
  • Their      eyes…. Their hair….
  • Are      they male or female?
  • Now      you see them hold out their hand. As if they are saying to place your hand      in theirs.
  • Put      your hand in theirs and feel the love …… compassion…… healing ….. all this      is rushing in your hand
  • Now      spreading throughout your whole body. 
  • As it      goes to your heart you feel this energy pumping through your blood. 
  • Feel      the energy spreading
  • Now      they speak to you and say.
  • My      name is_________.
  • Now take a moment to receive the message      they are sending you. 
  • Remember      everything they are saying.
  • Your      total relaxed.
  • When      you are done you and are ready come back here. 
  • When      you’re ready open your eyes.

Now that you have meet your angels you know who you will be calling in to ask for healing work. You may add to this as for certain things: aligning your chakras, to do healing work on yourself. Also after a period of time that you feel totally comfortable with this angel you call them in and ask them to bring more angels in to help you with certain things. Just state what you’re doing and that your angel brings in another to help with it.

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