To all my clients thank you for the honor of spreading spirits word. I am  blessed to say that each of you are the teachers of life that help others.  Remember life is a learning lesson but it is up to us to change, we must let go  of the past to open the doors for the blessings of creator

Love, light and blessings, to all that read. Carla.

Name: Hazel
Location: Elberton, Ga
Comments: Carla, how do I thank you for what you did for one of the most  important things in my life, my horse, the other being my husband. I met you about 2 weeks ago and we talked about sound therapy and its healing properties. On
Feb 19th, I contacted you and told you that my horse, Amos, was having a problem with his back legs, that it was difficult for him to walk. I also told you that he had injured his right hip several years ago in an arena by stepping in a hole. I asked if you could come out the next day and give him a treatment. You came out the next day and did the treatment and explained what to do to follow up on the treatment. I did as you said and on Monday he seemed to be greatly improved. I called you to please come and look at him and you came and said that he was improved. On Tuesday, I went back to him and he was even better. His back legs, instead of being so far under him that he could hardly walk, are almost back to normal. He, hopefully, will be back to normal in a few weeks. I don't know much about sound therapy, I only know that it works. It has worked on him and for that I am grateful. I was afraid that I was going to have to put him down and that would have totally destroyed me as we lost his mate in Sept., and she was only 11 years old. Amos is the most wonderful horse I have ever owned. He is
my friend, I can talk to him and he knows when I need a hug.
If anyone has a problem with their horses, such as I had, I would highly recommend the sound therapy. It works!!!!, 

Thank you again for giving Amos Back to me.
Sincerely, Hazel

Carla! Out of all the readings I have had I have to say you are the real thing!  I have never had anyone nail things of my past to help me move in a positive in  life, ya, others have said this and that but nothing like YOU! OMG it was unreal  I am so glad that I found you I may live in Seattle but this is the best psychic  that I have met that has pure intentions of helping a person and not just in it  for the money. I have called several times and when I needed connection you were  there! and the gifts of helping me and not being like others of saying "well  that will be 75.00 please and then help" You are a true earth angel Thank you.  DeDe

Hey Carla! I absolutely love to come see you. You have always been right on with  me and set me at ease with certain things, number one my dad. And I thank you  for that, more than you could ever know. I am truly going to miss you and I hope  to see you when you come back to Maine again. Thanks again...Nicole

I just wanted to thank Carla, I recently was read, and believe me she knows her  stuff............I plan to see her again and if there any dis-believers out  there. go see her she will change your way of thinking...again thank you Shelley

Hi Carla, I've had many readings during my life but truth-none have never been  on target as much as yours! I was extremely impressed by your methods and words  the first time I ever saw you and had my reading. The love that comes from  within you surrounded me and I knew you were of truth and light and could/would  become a woman of which I wanted in my circle. I've been extremely blessed with  the women that I've met since moving here. I want so much more to come unto me  of the spiritual realm. I thank you for being a part of my world. Smiles, Patty

Location: winslow, maine
Where did you hear about us? Search Engine
I have taken a reiki class with Carla and I am planning on going all the way  with it (with Carla). I feel a great connection with Carla and I want to learn  everything I can from her, She is great !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have had readings with  her also, she is so right on !!!! my husband was impressed also, and it was his  first reading, my mother is making an appointment with her too now !!!!!

Name: Laurel G
Location: Ogunquit, Maine
I was part of a group reading and came away very enlightened. It was an  emotional experience for me, as the issues were very real and needed to be  addressed. Thank you Carla.

Location: Jefferson city Missouri
Love and light to all. I am working towards developing my intuitive skills and  am so happy to have found this site. I am learning Reiki and belong to a Reiki  Circle. I have been waiting my whole life to find other people who know what I  know about the spirit and God. Now is the time to come together and help each  other. Also on reading you did over the phone You nailed everything! I am  spoiled by you, people say over the phone you got a reading well I would come to  you if you were closer but I will gladly settle for our readings we do twice a  year!

Name: Marisa C.
Carla, I have gotten allot of positive feedback from the group reading that we  attended at the farm in November! I am looking forward to hosting a group  reading in my home.

Location: Maine
Carla, KUDOS to YOU!!! on your new website! Exquisite, informative,  eye-appealing, energized...just wonder filled! I LOVE IT! Thank you for spreading love and  light into the world. My best to you Sweet Pea! I look forward to our next adventure with the bonanza them rolling before we blast into the nest group sessions. Blessings and Love, Sandi

( My sweet Sandi, whom was a teacher along with me has now passed away how I miss our talks of spirituality and new ways we would share the information so many times in classes and workshops.  Peace sweet one, I miss my nutty professor looks that you'd give me when something would click. haha give moonies a hug)

Carla, I really enjoyed visiting with you with my sister Jackie. It was very  interesting when I got home and told the girls about what you had said. I am  very interested in the sound therapy, maybe you can steer my in the direction I  need to go to learn about it. Thanks again, Sharon from TX

Location: dover foxcroft maine
Where did you hear about us? Word of Mouth
Carla you did a reading for me a week or so ago and it was great Thank You very  much

Location: Missouri
Carla, Just wanted you to know that I think you are doing a wonderful job  getting spirituality known around the country...Thank you for being you! Claire

Location: Maine The past couple of years I have learned so much about myself.  Without your help I never would have started this journey. It has been a slow  process for me, but very enlightening. I have seen and heard so much and I know  it is only the beginning. You helped bring closure with my friend and I can  never thank you enough for that. You are special!! Thanks

Location: Florida Carla I think you have done a wonderful job! I want to thank  you for all your help. You have shown me how to listen and see spirit. When  everyone else thought I was going nuts. Your classes have been so helpful. I  just can not say thank you enough. BC

Location: Maine

Hi Carla,
I met with you at Monica's last March, and have since gone through so much! Your  reading was so on target for me at the time, and I think I am way overdue at  this point. I am in need of guidance and also what I should be focusing on at  this new stage of development with myself.
I stopped in to Monica's and she said you are in Georgia now, but still do phone  readings ect...and that she doesn't know of anyone quite as good as you, so here  I am!
Thanks so much!
Love and Belief, Kelty

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